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Meet PJ
Julian Robinson, affectionately known as PJ, was born in
Benton Harbor, MI but was raised in Grand Rapids MI.  He's been on the scene for 15 years, crafting and perfecting his skills to become one of West Michigan's most sought after DJs. His success has met all kinds of opportunites along the way, which includes being a sound engineer at Lighthouse Full Gospel Church under the leadership of Bishop Marvin L. Sapp, the exclusive DJ for Smash Productions, Inc. and a contributor to the Brandon Quashawn Morning Show on 97.3 The Beat - an urban FM radio station in Grand Rapids. 

Now that you know a little about PJs experiences, get to know PJ a little more personally. Read the Q&A below and see what he has to say about his journey as a DJ.
Q: What inspired you to become a DJ?

A: I was always involved in music some kind of way whether it was providing sound for musicians or playing instruments. I loved beats and sounds and anything that would make me groove. I started playing tracks at pep rallies in high school and that utimately lead to spinning at school dances and basketball games. I really enjoyed seeing people have a good time off my vibes. 

Q: Which notable DJs would you say have influenced you the most?

A: DJs that have influenced my style has been a mix of local and industry DJs.  Locally, DJ Head, DJ Composition and DJ Buscat have always been like peer mentors. I admire their hustle and grind as well as their technique, which has had an influenc on my Djing style. Within the industry, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Kid Carpi, DJ TLM, and DJ Scratch are among the few DJs that I look up to and follow in order to stay motivated and current in my content and delivery.  Along with these DJ's, my best friend of 20 years, Terrence Jones, helped me develop my craft and we worked on many projects together here in Grand Rapids. 

Q: How many years experience do you have?

A: I have been spinning seriously since I was 20.  So I have 15 years experience of doing what I love and loving what I do.

Q: What do you want PJ DA DJ to be known for?

A: I want to be known as the "People's DJ" and for being able to work any type of crowd. This includes playing any genre of music.

Q: What's on the horizon for PJ DA DJ?

A: I want to continue to build my personal brand and expand my reach of services beyond Grand Rapids. I am also partnering with 616 Grand Productions, a local events management and production company that recently launched in Grand Rapids. I bring  my technical expertise in sound and lighting to the partneship, and I look forward to producing events that are transformational and offer a memoriable  experience.

Q: Why should people choose you?

A: I feel the way I deliver music is great, but you don't just get a great DJ. You get a professional disc jockey that delivers quality sound and service.
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